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We are launching our dual token platform in 2018.
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Tokenise is looking to lead a new era in token offerings by creating a platform for tokenised securities. By utilising distributed ledger technology (DLT) and cryptocurrencies, Tokenise seeks to disrupt existing methodologies in equity crowdfunding, tokenised assets, funds and securitisation. Tokenise will facilitate direct ownership into the tokenised securities, equity and fractional ownership. Our approach will be fully compliant with the UK’s FCA regulatory framework and is the core functional aspect for our business. The Tokenise platform will enable start-ups and companies to raise capital from investors through digital certificates of ownership in an environment that is safer and more transparent to use than many current token offerings. However, as well as our crowd-sales primary market, we will also be creating a secondary market for curated tokens whereby token holders will be able to buy and sell security tokens.

Why Tokenised Securities?

Tokenised securities are essentially digital certificates of ownership. The digital aspect of these certificates has the potential to redefine both the way we finance start-ups and the concept of ownership. Currently the main way to invest in private companies is through personal contacts or equity crowdfunding. However, most crowdfunding opportunities are one directional, you can buy in but you can’t sell. A secondary market will enable participants to buy and sell the tokens that represent the securities, giving the ability to exit the investment at any time.



Tokenising securities will create liquidity, making it possible to transfer assets to other parties, opening up greater opportunities for new and existing investors.



Compliance monitoring and reporting through our tested RegTech solution will lead to companies becoming more responsible to their stakeholders.



Tokenise is creating an open market to know what securities are on offer at what price. Investors will now be able to understand the depth of the market, allowing price discovery.

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