Tokenise and their associated businesses are working in collaboration with:

Disrupting existing methodologies in equity, debt, tokenised
assets, funds and securitisation.

Tokenise will facilitate direct ownership into tokenised securities and equity. To open up the market, Tokenise will combine the old with the new: the ability to own security in a business, as well as the newer cryptocurrencies and utility tokens.


The ecosystem will be built on blockchain to offer companies, big and small, the ability to tokenise their equity, raise capital and keep their exit options flexible.


For investors and founders, tokenisation creates liquidity, transparency, and accountability. Tokenise is looking to lead a new era in Security Token Offerings by building an ecosystem where investors can take direct ownership in the companies involved.

A new future in tokenised securities.


Kession given FCA regulation approval

July 2012

Squareknot Crowdfunding comes under Kession umbrella

July 2013

Kession becomes a Listing Member of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange

Feb 2016

A tokenised securities platform is devised

Q3 2017

Establish relationships and apply for licenses of two international stock exchanges

Q3 2018

Tokenise token offering

Q4 2018

Launch of Tokenise platform in the UK

Q1 2019

Begin listings on international tokenised stock exchanges

Q1 2019

Create a fully automated, regulatory compliant listing service in each country we operate in

Q3 2019

International co-operation agreements with existing exchanges

Q4 2019

Our platform will enable those looking for a listing to finally tokenise shares (equity), bonds (debt), profits (derivatives) and royalties. This means that a token will no longer need to be structured to circumvent securities law. Our new structure will be able to accept any asset class: shares, real estate, bonds, utilities, etc within the confines of a regulated platform.


Tokenise aims to be one of the first regulated platforms in the EU, conducting regulated issuances on a tokenised crowd sales platform using a distributed ledger. Being authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) will enable us to create a structure that is compliant to the highest regulatory standards.

Tokenise Membership

Membership to the Tokenise platform and initial engagement

Application & Listing Fees

Application and listing fees for the equity crowdfunding platform

Payment for Services

Payment for services including: structuring, listing, trading and KYC/AML

Ecosystem Development

Development of the token offerings and securitisation process for firms and crypto funds

Incentives & Bonuses

Incentives and bonuses for future developments, including syndication for future token offerings

Partner Program

Access to the Partner Program including research notes and ratings

The utilities of the TISE Token will continue to grow as the Tokenise ecosystem continues to develop.

Tokenise is a trading name of Kession Capital Limited.


Kession Capital Limited is authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (Firm Reference Number: 582160).


Mike Kessler

Mike Kessler

Founder & CEO
With 20 years in the investment management industry, Michael has gone on to build several successful businesses. Read more
Martin Graham

Martin Graham

Chairman of the Advisory Board
Martin has a huge depth of experience in business and finance, having held a number of senior positions including Director of Markets for the London Stock Exchange. Read more
Simon Telfer

Simon Telfer

Director at CGI, technology evangelist, crypto enthusiast and entrepreneur with 25+ years’ experience trying to keep IT simple. Read more
Ben Tubey

Ben Tubey

CTO/Insights Manager
Ben is currently CEO at Straight 8 industries and Read more
Yale ReiSoleil

Yale ReiSoleil

Director of Business Development
Yale is the CEO of IOB LLC which invests in innovative and regulated businesses that show promise in the blockchain world. Read more
Avron Goss

Avron Goss

Commercial Director
Avron has 25 years of experience encompassing managing all levels of large-scale international businesses. Read more


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