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The Tokenise Ecosystem will be powered by the TISE Token

The TISE Token Public Sale dates are to be announced. The sale has two phases: Presale and Public Sale. The Presale is currently ongoing.

In order to incentivise participation there will a bonus available of up to 30% at Presale stage, the 3 tiers are:


Bonus 1 – Investment of $1m+ – 30% bonus locked in for twelve months

Bonus 2 – Investment of $500K – $1m – 20% bonus locked in for six months

Bonus 3 – Investment of $100k – $500k – 10% bonus locked in for three months

The price of one TISE Token is $0.05 (exclusive of any transaction fee). TISE Tokens may be purchased in fractions up to 18 decimal places. Payment can be made in ETH, BTC or Fiat.

The minimum purchase amount during the TISE Token Public Sale will be USD$100.

The potential contributors to the TISE Token Sale will be put through due diligence verifying their identity through KYC/AML checks.

There will be 360,000,000 (three hundred and sixty million) TISE Tokens for sale.

Tokenise is aiming to raise USD$18 million.

The minimum amount to be raised for the project to continue is USD$1.8 million. If this is not achieved, then all contributions will be returned to their original wallets.

We estimate that distribution will take place 4 weeks after the sale has ended. Updates about distribution will be available on our website closer to the date.

You should use an Ethereum compatible wallet. Please ensure you do not use a wallet address from an exchange account, you do not own that address and you could lose your tokens.

Currently, we are unable to accept contributions from participants in the following jurisdictions: USA, State of New York, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and the Crimea region.

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Contact the team if you have any other questions or comments.


Wishing you all a very happy new year!🚀

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